This beautiful Druzy Amethyst from Moricco is also kind of Pseudomorph after Vanadite and Barite and along the Strawberry Quartz is wired wrap in a Tree of Life style making it a one of a kind pendant. You can also relate it to a tree with fruits ready to harvest and apply the nutrition to your body. That is the way it works with Crystal Therapy Jewelry. I cleanse it with Palo Santo right before shipping. You can request for me to charge it with healing energy or a specific intention as a Talisman if you want. Silver Plated  Round Necklace included. 

*Photo props not included
*Local Delivery option at check out for Rochester, NY or nearby up to 20 miles ratio.*

Metaphysical Properties:
Amethyst is a strong healer that connects with you Third Eye Chakra. It is also great for protection against prychic attacks. 

Steawberry Quartz switches discordant for energy with good vitality. Connects with the Heart Chakra making this pendant perfect for healing negativity in any kind of relationships.

No refunds / No exchange
Metaphysical and Holistic approaches are not intended as a substitution of any medical treatment.

Tree with Blossoms Pendant #1


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