This Crystals Protection Bag includes a series of tumbles and a point for blocking and re-directing psychic attacks and black magick/dark energy away and back to the sender.

Metaphysical Properties: 

Black Amethyst Point - This is a highly protective crystal and master healer. This Point will send back the negative energy to the original source and protect from psychic attacks.

Blue Tiger's Eye - This stone acts like the talisman of The Eye of Horus. It protects the person who carries it from negative energy and envy. It also protects material gains.

Pyrite - One of the most protective stones in the metaphysical world. It forms a shield around the place or person to be protected.

Smokey Quartz - It is also a strong Shield but more like an Armor. It can also act like a mirror to return the bad energy back to the original source and it keeps the Aura in one piece.

Jet - This is one of the stronger stones to use for protection. This is used in Hispanic cultures to protect babies. Besides drawing out negativity, it gives you courage and help you get rid of unreasonable fears. It acts like a filter so it changes the negative for positive as a filter purifying water. This petrified wood will also maintain other crystals clean. Still, smudge it as needed.
It is great for pain relief. 

Metaphysical Properties are a spiritual and holistic approach and not intended to substitute any medical treatment.
No refunds/No exchange/No credits
Allow natural imperfections as it is natural stone.

Brecciated Jasper - Grounding, physical protection and works with Archangel Michael who is the warrior.

Super Protection Against Psychic Vampires


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