Stilbite Ivory Large Polished Tumbles are angelic to the view and touch. Very limited amount on inventory and rare to find. These has some "wing like" shiny spots. 

Metaphysical Properties:
Stilbite is an amazing stone to connect with all levels of the Angelic Realms. It has a clean, soft energy but a high vibration. You can hear some high tone voices calling when meditating in silence with this stone.
It assists in Astral Traveling. Also is a great stone to work with the Third Eye and enhance intuition and psychic abilities. 
It connects with the Heart Chakra, Third Eye and Crown Chakra. It assists with clarity of mind and decision making. 

This stone or item can be cleansed and charge with healing energy before shipping if you request it. 

Metaphysical properties of our products are not guaranteed; we supply the tools, you supply the magick. Products should not take the place of proper professional advice or treatment.   
No refunds / No exchange 
Allow for imperfections of the natural stone. 

Leticia is a Certified Crystal Healer and a Teacher on Meditation, Dance, Drumming, Pendulum, Tarot and Tantra. She is also certified in Taseography and Jewelry Making. For more of her Biography visit the 'About' tab on this website.

Stilbite Big Polished Tumbles


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