Scintillate among your crystals! Feeling like a bright star or even adding some fancy shine will definitely help on having a bright day! This beautiful fancy little pouch is easy to carry anywhere, toss it in your purse or keep it at your desk. It contains 7 tumbled stones. 2 Opalites, 1 each of the following: Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, Obsidian, Rhodonite and a nice Labradorite with a flashy spot. 

Metaphysical Properties: 
Opalite - Is a man made stone with properties that helps you connect with the Higher Chakras, cleanse and repairs the Aura so it makes your soul shine from within. 

Labradorite - Works with all Chakras. It is a Magickal Stone that assist with working on intuition and developing more the Third Eye. It is a powerful stone and beings confidence and protection to the carrier.

Amethyst - One of the most healing crystals, protective against psychic attacks and a strong crystal to work with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. 

Obsidian - This beautiful black shiny stone helps you with grounding and it is highly protecting. Works as a shield and a mirror that send the negative energy back to the original source. It is a very powerful stone! Even is all black with no patterns, it is very tempting to stare at it and admire its beauty.

Rhodonite - Works with grounding and the Heart Chakra. It is great for overcoming traumas and to enhance relationships. It is great for connecting with the Archangel Raphael.

Smokey Quartz - Highly protective. It is a shield for preventing negative energy to get to you. It is also soothing and help feeling at peace. Great for grounding and meditation. 

Clear Quartz - The Master of all Healers and amazing for amplifying the properties and intentions of the rest of the crystals. 

All crystals can be charged with energy/intention as per your request.
No refunds / No exchange
Local pick up available in Rochester, NY
Metaphysical and holistic alternatives are not for substituing any medical treatment. 

Sold to Local Customer Scintillate Crystals Pouch Set


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