This beautiful 3" Angel is carved on a Rhodonite stone. The geaogeous colors make a unique pattern with the pinks, black and greys in between.

Metaphysical Properties:
Rhodonite is a great stone to work with past traumas. Physically aids in the healing of bruises. Connects with the Root and Heart Chakras helping in grounding without making the person deppress and keeping it real for matters of the heart. It is also a stone for improving love and relationships. If you want a new relationship of any kind to start with strong base and deep roots this the stone for you! 
Besides it is carved with an Angel and the Archangel Raphael coonects perfect with protecting those romantic relationships! Great for keeping it in your belongings during a Honey Moon.

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Metaphysical and Holistic Approches are not intended for the substitution of any medical treatment.

Rhodonite Angel


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