This beautiful sphere is 70mm. It is not that common to find and has a great size. Includes a pretty cute small Selenite stand.  

Metaphysical Properties:
Red Hematoid Quartz is great for working with Archangel Michael. It is a protective Quartz and also assist with working the Sacral and Root Chakras. Great for grounding and is a natural amplifier of energy so careful what intentions you put in it.
It combines Hematite & Quartz energies so it is also a great tool for people who suffers anxiety and panic as a motivational, healing and calming tool. It also integrate the shadow-self with the light-self. It is a stimulator of peace and happiness. 
Selenite will help maintain the Sphere's energy cleansed at the same time it keep it charged. 

Metaphysical Properties are a spiritual and holistic approach and not intended to substitute any medical treatment.
No refunds/No exchange/No credits
Allow natural imperfections as it is natural stone
Holder included when available

Red Hematoid Quartz Sphere


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