This is an amazing Prosperity & Money attracting mini Crystal Grid. It is about 4" side to side and it has hand selected crystals, some of them super rare to find. I am giving it away for a super low price considering the rarity of some of the crystals included here.
It is on a wooden based with the Seed of Life and Moon Phases.

Metaphysical Properties:

3- Blue Tiger's Eye - These are in the Wanning Moon positions for banishing negativity and lack of material gains.

3- Red Tiger's Eye - These are to activate receiving money and abundance, especially through a career, business or job. These are super energetic stones to get the money flow you need.

Heliodor - 4 Heliodor raw little tumbles for maximizing the attraction of money and good fortune. Heliodor is a powerful and super rare crystal. It is a gift ffom the Sun and it makes the person to be responsible with finances. It also asists to move your business in the way you desire. 

1- Black Obsidian - This is on the New Moon position to shadow and hide your gainsor assets  from negative people and undesirable stagnant energy.

1- Opalite - It is in the Full Moon position to receive blessings from the Moon Goddess and to ask Archangel Ariel for manifesting that abundance and be able to enjoy it.

1- Serpentine with Pyrite Obelisk - Connect with Archangel Uriel to ask for stabilizing your income and to get an increase of prosperity. It is also the center of the grid that sends the intention to the Universe and Sandalphon and receive it back with your prayers answered. 

This stone or item can be cleansed and charge with healing energy before shipping if you request it.

Metaphysical properties of our products are not guaranteed; we supply the tools, you supply the magick. Products should not take the place of proper professional advice or treatment.   
No refunds / No exchange
Allow for imperfections of the natural stone. 

Prosperty Magnet Crystal Grid


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