This Crystal Grid is great to work with abundance, prosperity, success and protecting material beings.
It has minis of Pyrite & Tangerine Quartz. It has a Clear Quartz Cluster for the main crystal and to connect with the Archangels it has 1 polished tumble of each of the following: Obsidian, Brecciated Jasper, Amethyst & Sodalite. It has also a Clear Quartz polished tumble for assisting with amplification. All can be placed on burned wood platform with a Pentacle and some abstract art on the corners to pose as the 4 Main Archangels. 
This is a small Crystal Grid.
Includes a handmade Pendulum with Tangerine Quartz & Rhodonite for asking financial or prosperity questions. 

Wooden Base is woodburned by Leticia and Pendulum handmade by Leticia. Allow for natural defects and irregularities for the crystals and natural stone.

Metaphysical Properties are for spiritual and holistic alternatives. Not a substition for any type of medical treatment. 
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Prosperity & Protection Grid with Pendulum Set


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