This amazing powerful Crystal Grid contains all the crystals to use as requesting, projecting & receiving blessings from the Archangels as well as working with the Pentacle and the 5 Elements. It also comes with a handmade Pendulum for either programming the grid or to actually do some dowsing calling upon the Archangels.

Metaphysical Properties:
Celestite Center is a powerful connection with the Archangelic Realm. It is also the main point of projection of the grid to bring peace & healing. 

Polished Tumbles for the 5 Elements- Sodalite = Archangel Gabriel/Water/Communication
Brecciated Jasper = Archangel Michael/Fire/Perseverence 
Black Obsidian = Archangel Uriel/Earth/Grounding & Inspiration
Crystal Quartz = Archangel Raphael/Air/Healing 

Tangerine Quartz Points are connecting with the Point of the Pendulum and also for amplifying all intentions and working with the higher Chakras but maitaining yourself grounded too.

Pyrite little clusters = Golden color to attract Angel Dust/Protection/Abundance.

Pendulum is made with a Rhodonite for healing any past traumas, ooen your Heart Chakra to the Archangels Realm & work with Unconditional Love & Self Love. The Tangerine Quartz Point is great for connecting with the Higher Chakras but without disconnecting from the Earth to maintain human and higher beings realtions. 

The Key Holder is to open the communication with the Spirit Guides and the Archangelic Realm.

This is only for Metaphysical, Spiritual and Holistic purposes. This is not for substitution of any medical treatment.
No refunds / No exchange
Local pick up available at checkout.
Allow for imperfections. 
Handmade in Rochester, NY by a Hispanic Entrepeneur Woman. 

Pentacle Crystal Grid with Pendulum


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