Presenting the exclusive (and maybe revolutionary) design by Leticia!

The New Rosario fusioning two different religious paths in one jewelry design. Includes all the main symbols:
The Archangels Sigils, The Triple Moon, The Sun and at the bottom together in complete harmony a Cross made of nails and a Pentacle.

The two main purposes I got inspired with:

1- For those who actually follow both Catholic and Wicca 
1- For those who call upon peace and coexistance between the two.

This is a custom made necklace available in a variety of crystal beads. Choose between Black Obsidian, Moonstone and White Quartz! 

The Metaphysical Properties are so many from each symbol to the properties of the crystals. A perfect tool for protection or rituals. Stop worring about who can judge you! You have thd right to believe in boths without being judge from any of the sides.Blessed be!

The New Rosario Exclusive Collection (Copyright)

New Rosario Collection

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