This super exclusive Moldavite Pendant in on a gold tone charm and comes with a 16" gold tone nickle free chain. 

Metaphysical Properties:
Moldavite is only found in the Chech Republic and it is a Glass made of a Meteorite Explosion that took this unique dark translucent green color in combination with the minerals of the area it was formed.

This is a super rare to find piece of jewelry with super Metaphysical Properties so handle with care!

Let's start with connecting Moldavite to the Heart Chakra. It is also connected to the Archangels Metatron, Raphael and Uriel.
Great to attract money and prosperity.
It is great for self-healing, transformation, self-confidence, breaking old patterns.
It is also known as "The Holy Grail Stone" and it is one of the best for Psychic Protection as negative energies find it difficult to connect to your Aura when wearing a Moldavite. 
It is high vibrational for receiving messages from the Higher Realms.
It works as a flush for rapid transformation. Some feel intense heat or tinglin sensasion when holding it or wearing it. 

This stone/crystal/fossil can be cleansed and charge with healing energy before shipping if you request it. 

This is for metaphysical and spiritual purposes and a holistic alternative and not intended as substitution of any medical treatment.
No refunds / No exchange 
Allow for imperfections of the natural stone.

Moldavite Pendant


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