Love Attraction Crystal Grid includes 4 mini Carnelian Hearts to work with the Sacral Chakra, 6 Rose Quartz little tumbles, 2 medium Green Fluorite tumbles and 1 Polychrome Jasper beautiful 1 1/2" Heart. All are to be positioned on a wooden slab (10 1/2" * 8 1/4") that has a burned and handpainted Seed of Life with Hearts design for that Sacred Geometry that works with the stones.
Can be a nice piece of decoration. I include a bottle of herbs to sprinkle around it. Can be cleansed & charge with energy if customer request it.

This is for a Holistic alternative with a Methaphysical approach and Crystal Healing/Therapy is not a substitution for any medical treatment. 
No refunds or exchange

Love Attraction Crystal Grid


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