This is definitely a unique, delicate and full of high frequency energy pendant. It is a Lemurian Quartz Point wired with a tiny Charoite Tear. It comes with a 14" silverish gray leather necklance.

Metaphysical Properties:
Lemurian Quartz are like a book with records ftom the life of the people who wants inhabited the lost City of Lemuria. It is also a Master Healer and it works with all Chakras but especially the Crown. Great protective amulet and for program it to work with Spirit Guides and Angels.

Charoite is from Russia and is rare and expensive! It stimulates perception and observation. It assists with spiritual awareness, find the goddess within. One of the best stones for balancing body/mind/spirit.


Metaphysical Properties are for spiritual guidance and a holistic healing alternative and not intended to substitite any regular/conventional medical treatment. 
No refunds/No exchange/No credits
Allow for imperfections of natural crystals and stones.

Lemurian Quartz Point with Charoite Tear


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