This Merlinite Heart has a very classical pattern for this stone also known as Indigo Gabbro. Merlinite is one of the stones with lots of demand between healers and witches. This Merlinite Heart is 3" side to side and about 2 1/12" from the top to bottom at the center. 

Metaphysical Properties:
Just like its nameis coming from Merlin, this stone brings wisdom. It is also like meditating on The Hermit Tarot Card, as it shows you the light at the end of the tunnel. It shows you the way. It is a natural healer of your darker side. It forces you to comfront it, and to have the strengh of removing that from very deep within. 

Physically helps with the immune system and to heal from infections. It helps to reduce fever and support heart related issues. 

This stone or item can be cleansed and charge with healing energy before shipping if you request it.

Metaphysical properties of our products are not guaranteed; we supply the tools, you supply the magick. Products should not take the place of proper professional advice or treatment.   
No refunds / No exchange
Allow for imperfections of the natural stone.

Indigo Gabbro (Merlinite) Heart


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