This is a beautiful set of Angels in cour different crystals and stones (Yellow Moonstone, Snakeskin Carnelian, Unakite & Clear Quartz) in front of a rare Purple Blue Chalcedony Free Form that serves as a symbolic Gruta (sacred cave or sacred stone area). 

Metaphysical Properties & Correspondences:

Notice the 2" Angels correspondeces are acomodated but this particular set.

Yellow Moonstone Angel - Archangel Gabriel who is a messenger, connects with the  Water Element and the Moon. Is the one with the feminine energy and also can heal with the holy water and deliver messages through your dreams.

Snakeskin Carnelian Angel - Archangel Michael who is the warrior and in anither culture's mythology was a God. Protective and connects with the lower Chakras (Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus). Highly protective and gives energy. Connects with the Fire Element but also can assist with menstrual cramps, digestion and blood circulation. 

Unakite Angel - Archangel Uriel is the one who helps vanishing debt, attracts prosperity and money and is also connected the Earth Element and the animals. Enhances relationships as it work with the Heart Chakra.

Clear Quartz Angel - Archangel Raphael is the healer, travel protector and master of the romantic love. It connects with all three upper Chakras and the Air Element. 

90mm Purple Blue Chalcedony Free Form:
This is a very rare to find piece since the mine is close in Turkey. It is a calming crystal and its high vibrations work in connecting to the light and the highest beings. Enhances the communication with Angels and work with the two highest Chakras (Third Eye and the Crown). If you are a spiritual person who wants to keep seeking spiritual growth, or a Psychic or Medium this can definitely be a great set for you!

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Not intended for substituing any medical treatment.

Gruta with Angels Set

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