This is a sooo cute Onyx with an Amethyst w/Hematite Cluster as stand set. Great energy and they help to charge and cleanse each other so you do not need too smudging.
Sphere is about 50mm and stand is about 71mm.

Metaphysical Properties:

Green Onyx is one of most inexpensive crystals but it is an amazing crystal to work with and has a very sharp, clean and comfy energy to wirk with. I love it for grounding without deppresing you. It is also a good crystal for the Heart Chakra and to work with a smooth money flow ritual. 

Amethyst with Hematite inclusions from Morocco is a powerful healer and strong protective crystal. 

Metaphysical Prooerties are for spiritual and holistic approach and not to substitute any medical treatment.
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Green Onyx Sphere with Amethyst Stand


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