This "Mojito Bag" is a great Crystal Therapy option for those goddesses out there who are going through dealing with painful Fibromialgia. It has a rare to find Amber Worry Stone to rub when in pain along with a little bag full of tumbles to carry with you for protection, grounding, meditation and overcoming trauma as well as the emotional and physical pain.

Metaphysical Properties:
Rutilated Quartz - It is a great crystal to work with Fibromialgia. Its golden needles connect with the Archangels, especially with Raphael to substitute the pain needle effect of the ailment. Meditating with this might help soothe the pain or assist with pain management.
Obsidian - Protection from negative energies and thoughts.
Rhodonite - To overcome trauma.
Amethyst - A Master Healing and soothing crystal. Great for helping to relax. Aids with the connection with higher beings, The Divine and Archangels.
Crystal Quartz - Amplifies all the intentions from all the crystals. It is also a Master Healer and aids in the connection with the higher beings, The Divine and Archangels.
Amber - Highly protective. It is one of the best stones (fosilized resin) to work with Fibromialgia. Aids with the physical pain and works with the lower Chakras. Also great for those days from the menstrual period. This stone came from Indonesia.

Metaphysical Properties are a holistic alternative and also assist with a spiritual purpose. Not intended to substitute any medical treatment. 

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Fribomialgia/Feminine Crystal Companion Bag


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