Three beautiful Fly Broches to choose for maintaining that cape, scarf or coat close in a magickal fashion way! Even for adding it to a hat!  Choose between Tiger's Eye, Amethyst and Mother of Pearl.

Metaphysical Properties:
A Fly Totem shows how to multiple your endeavors, prosperity and ventures at an enormous rates. The power to find beauty in strange places. Brings persistency on reaching your goals. 

Tiger's Eye - Protective of material gains, brings prosperity and self confidence. It is connected to the Fire Element. Balance and connection with Male Energy.

Amethyst - A Master Healer and super Psychic protection. 

Mother of Pearl - Feminine Divine connection. Works with all Chakras. Emotions, Love, Romance, Abundance and cleansing of negative energy.

This stone can be cleansed and charge with healing energy before shipping if you request it.

This is for metaphysical and spiritual purposes and a holistic alternative and not intended as substitution of any medical treatment.
No refunds / No exchange
Allow for imperfections of the natural stone. 

Fly Broche

Fly Broche Options

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