Sold to Local Customer

This empowering Crystal Grid is a designed using the burned wood technique. Leticia also added a total of 26 tumbled stones so you can have the complete set! You can always add, remove or substitute with other stines once you have it in your posession. 
This is a great Crystal Grid for protection and also for working with the Third Eye Chakra. The stones and crystals included are: 2 Brecciated Jasper (one of them on a pyramidal shape), 2 Labradorite, 5 Sodalite, 5 Black Obsidian, 6 Chevron Amethyst and 6 Clear Quartz. 

I can send the Metaphysical Properties on a separate paper if you request it as well as cleansing all and program it with an intention. 
This is not intended to substitute any medical treatment.
No refunds or exchange
Allow for imperfections.

Sold to Local Customer Eye of Horus Crystal Grid


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