This is little bag containing 5 polished tumbles that works with breaking addictions and overindulging alcohol consumption habits. It has the following stones:

Amethyst - A Master Healer! Greeks used it for not getting drunk and for alleviate any symptoms of hangover. It also works weakness and keeps ypu with serenity.
Sodalite - Works with cleansing the Liver and the Lymphatic System. 
Labradorite - Works with addictions in general.
Rose Quartz - Is for self-care, self-love, selflesness and unconditional love.

The stones are delected intutively by random pull only and most likely are not exactly as they are in the pictures. Allow for imperfections of the natural stones.

Metaphysical and Holistic approaches are not intended to substitute any medical treatment.
No refunds / No exchange
Crystal Quartz - To enhance and amplify all intentons from the other crystals. A Master Healer too! 

Addictions/Alcohol Crystal Companion Bags


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