This is a handmade by me wooden Crystal Grid. Includes all what you see in the pictures and it is a steal since I would normally charge $120 I am maintaining it at a great price! 
$95 + shipping
Items included & Magical/Healing Properties:

Thousand Eye Jasper Sphere: Measures very close to 55mm. Enhance the ability to stay focus, grounded & relax. Is a stone of protection to keep away negativity as it is guarding you from all directions. Works in balance with the Four Directions as it serves as a compass style of defense mechanism. 

4 Big Tumbled Feldspar: Enhance creativity a d it works with the Moon. It also help in achieving goals (sometimes in an unconventional way)

4 Abalon Shells: Bring abundance and connects with the Moon & the Goddess. It brings a soothing energy and a shield of protection. It helps to maintain the grid's energy clean. 

7 Ocean Jasper Mini Tumbles: Assists in the communication so it is great for any type of relationships. It brings joy and it resonates with the energy of the ocean. It gives you a lift!

1 Clam Shell - Feminine side, connects with the Moon and the sea. Enhance caring and helping others but brings protection in your daily life. It also carries the energy of the Sun in it and lift you up! Great reflector of energy as it can amplify the one received from the other crystals around.

1 Bottle full of Agrimony & Sage for aroma, enhancing the beauty of the Crystal Grid and protection.

*Can be cleansed/smudged & charge with energy and intention before shipping as per the individual's request. Some people prefer to charge them themselves 

No refunds or exchange please!         
*Not intended as medical treatment just for Spiritual and Metaphysical Purposes only*
Allow for imperfections!

Creativity, Abundance & Protection Crystal Grid


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