These aromatic Bath Salts contains Sage herbs and Frankincense & Myhrr essential oil to give you the perfect tools for cleansing your Aura and add a protective energy field from unwanted and stagnant energies. They are also infused with Crystals Energy. You can also purchase a Crystal Therapy Bag if you want to keep crystals with it all the time.
Perfect for an "after the office bath"!

Pink Himalayan Salt
Sea Salt
Frankincense & Myhrr Essential Oil
Sage Herbs
Coconut Oil

Metaphysical approaches are foe spiritual and holistic alternatives and not intended to substitute any medical treatment. 

Packaging, size, amount & price can vary in future productions depending on what is available.
Test in small area of your body to check for allergies.
This is a homemade product.
Ask your health care provider before using if you have questions regarding if it is ok for any health conditions, illness or injury you may be suffering.
This product has approximately 6 months of shelf life starting on 02/19/2020.
No refunds / No exchange / No credits

Cleansing & Protection Bath Salts


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