This kit is perfect for anyone starting a business or trying to improve in atteacting the right energies to it.
Includes a Garnet/Rose Quartz Bracelet, Tumeric Essential Oil for a spice, soft, healthy aroma in the office, a Crystal Comfort Bag for keeping in your purse or bag with 5 great crystals (1 rare) and a Pyrite Tower Generator.

Metaphysical Properties:
Rose Quartz is for self-love & confidence and enhancing relationships with your clients.
Garnet keeps you grounded and for protection too.

Pyrite is highly protective for your place and material gains. Attract money & prosperity. It is also empowering & bring wisdom.

Green Aventurine - Prosperity & also for unconditional love, work with the Heart Chakra and the Archangeps Uriel & Raphael.

Sodalite - Communication & abundance. Connects with Archangel Gabriel.

Heliodor - Connects with the Sun, the Sun God and attracts money and prosperity. Maintains the energy up and motivation. Very rare crystal to find!

Brecciated Jasper - Grounding & protection. Also ignite the fire within and connects with Archangel Michael.

Clear Quartz - For amplifying all the rest of the energy from the other 4 crystals in the bag. 

Tumeric Essential Oil -It is nearly impossible to go through business without facing some trouble, but we can take control over our emotions. Give yourself a boost by diffusing Turmeric throughout your office to provide yourself with an emotionally uplifting environment and thereby improve your mood.

Remember as a High Priestess & Crystal Healing Practitioner, for all my crystals I can smudge and bless before shipping if that is your request. 

Metaphysical Properties are for spiritual guidance and a holistic healing alternative and not intended to substitite any regular/conventional medical treatment. 
No refunds/No exchange/No credits
Allow for imperfections of natural crystals and stones.

Business Success Kit

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