Beautiful shiny and mystical 70mm Black Moonstone Sphere. The Green Banded Onyx Stand is included and a great way for keeping the sphere cleansed and charged.

Metaphysical Properties:

Black Moonstone is a perfect stone to work with all different phases of the Moon but especially in the New Moon is really powerful! Connects with differen Goddesses, the feminine side of humans, the Root Chakra and the Archangel Haniel. This is a highly protective stone against psychic attacks.

Green Onyx connects with the Heart Chakra, great for prosperity, cleansing of the heart and soul and to connect with nature, including planets, the Moon & stars. It is also protective. Removes stagnant energy in a subtle but powerful way. Feels very natural to any environment.

Metaphysical Properties are for spiritual guidance and a holistic healing alternative and not intended to substitite any regular/conventional medical treatment. 
No refunds/No exchange/No credits
Allow for imperfections of natural crystals and stones.

Black Moonstone Sphere with Onyx Stand


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