Witchcraft vs Neo-African Religions

As part of the Anniversary from when the Witches Trials started, I want to let our voices hear a little bit by clarifying that there is a huge variety of religions and believes among the Pagan community. I grew up in the Caribbean surrounded by different Neo African Religions as well as I have lots of heritage from different European countries and in my family, I am a Witch by heritage. Just to mention that the origins of my last name goes back to France where it was Ferreira and then Farrar when they moved to England. After that when the Farrar descendants moved to Barcelona it became Ferrer. That is one of the heavy reasons for me to keep Witchcraft and Wicca in my heart and blood. Needles to say I have embraced both sides of my heritage just in different ways. I have also heard a lot of confusion from the non-Pagans wh