What to Expect from a Tarot Reading as a Client

This article is dedicated for those people who has never had a Tarot Reading before or they have recently got one and have no idea what to ask or expect during the session. Let me guide you through the steps and the process, but this might vary drpending on the Psychic or Tarot Reader you go to (virtually, phone or in person).

First you want to be clear on what your question is or if you feel there is some stagmant energy around you and you want to have a General Tarot Cards Reading that is ok too, but plan that ahead before booking the slot.

Then choose who you want to have the Reading with. Read reviews, find the social media pages of the person and feel if you are drawn to them.

Once you book the session be on time as you do not know what other things this Reader has after or how has been their day so please be respectful on the time.

This also applies as the lenght of the session.

Keep it to the original question and be open minded as this not intended for answering what you want to hear but what you NEED to hear. Metaphysically talking, is what the spirit guides and the Universe will show is what it comes to the table or mat.

Do not be afraid of the unknown. There are Tarot Cards with images that can be intimidating, but that does not mean they are evil or bad. That depends on what other cards are around and we go baelsed on the specific question.

Keep the focus on you and not to spying others. A Relationship Reading will do see the energy around those two persons but it is not intended to spy on the one who is not present or give consent to look into them.

We do not do predictions on life or death or Readings on pregnancy either. If a Psychic decides they want to do that then I respect that, but at least majority of us, we do not touch that area, not even through Crystal Healing.

This about getting some guidance and bring light to a question and this not a class, workshop or a moment to try to keep the Reader longer with you. The reason I mention this is because people who are intrigue about Tarot sometimes use the sessions to try to learn and try prolonging the session to get this type of information and this sessions are not for that. If you are curious or drawn to learn there are books, courses and videos that you can search on your own or through a teacher or class for learning purposes, but teaching you is not what Reading is for.

Keep in mind that a Psychic or Tarot Reader is also part of the Energy Workers so by extending the session with trying to get more or getting side tracked not only can be draining for the Reader but also for you because your energy is not centered and you are not focused on getting a good result or the best outcome. Plus you are paying for the amount of time the Reader understand is best based on time and knowledge, so it is not good that you try taking longer than that.

In my case I do some friendly talking at the beggining and after if needed because I like to build a relationship between me and my client up to a certain extent, and that is definitely not included in the Reading time or price, but that does not mean I will be there for 1 1/2 hours because the client has more questions from what they originally paid for. That becomes draining and can even result in referring that client to another Reader (in very rare ocassions I have done it).

If at the end something does not make sense just give sometime after the Reading happens because usually will make sense at a later day.The same as if you do not agree with the final outcome, remember when I mentioned above this what you need to hear not about what you want to hear. There are challenges in life and we should be open to listen and learn from those. Be flexible, be open to the message, meditate on it afterwards.

Remember that a Tarot Reading is a holistic choice and is for metaphysical and spiritual purposes. It never substitute a medical treatment or therapy.

I hope this helps and bring some clarification.


Your Witchy Dancer!

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