Magickal Traditional Poinsettias

Poinsettias or “Flor de Pascua” has its origins back in Mexico during Azteca times. Besides the medical properties for the Aztecas it symbolized purity and the need for sacrifice. With this same thought I will say that this makes them a perfect flower for celebrating Yule as well.

The Poinsettia became related with Christmas after it was used by Christian friars for processions during the seventeenth century.

In Puerto Rico we call them “Flor de Pascua” and it has been a tradition in my family for generations. We had to have them in different colors in our balcony every year. That is why I decided to add the Poinsettias on “Queen of Swords” from “Secrets of Paradise Tarot”. This Queen of Swords is Doña Fela, who is using a Spanish Fan as a sword and it has a mixed of North and Hispanic traditions