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Dancing Crowns LLC is a company Directed by Leticia Ferrer-Rivera. Leticia is Certified Master Tarot and Crystal Healer. She do divination and Psychic Readings using Pendulum, Tarot, and Crystals. Leticia is also a Wicca High Priestess and comes from a long generation of Witchcraft and Mediums on both sides of her family, especially from the Ferrer side from Barcelona, Spain. Her latest project is "Secrets of Paradise Tarot'. This is the first Tarot Deck in history to have illustrations from historical places, people, and deities from the Caribbean and Latin America, including Gods and Goddesses from the Taíno culture that has never been exposed in human shape and in any divination method before. This project is in the publication proposal process right now. '

Leticia also designed the very first Pagan Rosary including the Sigils of the four main Archangels, a Triple Moon, the Sun, and a cross made of nails with a Pentacle in the center. All of the charms and the pendant are in Sterling Silver and the beads are crystals. The crystals to choose from are Moonstone and Obsidian. She also maintains her own line of handmade jewelry along with tons of crystals for decoration, meditation, and magick all available on the website. 


Leticia has studied at Magicka School from the United Kingdom and has taken several courses in spell casting, and Tarot with Marcus Katz. Leticia is a member of the International Tarot Association and is currently studying Metaphysical Studies and a Ph.D. in Holistic Life Counseling. She is also a Clair-Sentience, Clair-Audience, and Clairvoyant. Leticia has a BA in Criminal Justice and Graduate Studies in Education of the Performing Arts with a Major in Dance. She is a former Dance Instructor, Choreographer, and Producer.


As the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot tells us about the circle of life and the changes are sometimes drastic, Leticia decided to get out of the closet and not be afraid of showing her beliefs as well as share her psychic gifts and divination abilities with others. 

However, the dance still lives in her, and Leticia still doing choreographies, teaching workshops and also can schedule a Drums & Dance Meditation Therapy as well. Her latest dance adventure is being the Director and Choreographer of the World's Witches Dance from Rochester, NY, which is a group of women who work together for adding themselves to the World movement doing this famous and fun Witches Dance that started in Germany! Leticia has also continued to teach Salsa, Tango, Hustle, other forms of Ballroom Dance, Belly Dance, and Afro-Puerto Rican Bomba (Drums & Dance). She has a free basic class every Thursday on her Facebook page. Regarding publications, Leticia is the Author of 'Puerto Rico's Authentic Music and Dances" on Amazon and she writes on the monthly basis for ROC Metaphysical Magazine. She also wrote an article for Tarosophy International about Crystals Casting (A Crystals Tarot). 

Coming soon Leticia will be offering Pendulum, Tarot Reading, Crystal Healing, and different dance courses online. She can also offer One on One classes besides group lessons and workshops. 

Make an appointment with her at dancingcrownsusa@gmail.com   

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