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Book a Tarot or Crystals Reading today or visit our store for purchasing pendants and any other magical item of your choice. Long distance Crystal Healing is also available. As part of my Crystal Therapy Program I can always cleanse and charge your crystals before shipment if you request it. 



***Now we have Crystals Therapy Bags and Crystal Joy Bags available. I am also available for booking her to do Readings at your Tarot Party!

***You can book now all your favorite Dance Classes here online!***

I am a Wicca High Priestess and Ordained Minister so Chaplain Services are available for Wicca/Witchcraft ceremonies including health patients who needs anointing, faith encouragement and Holistic Life Counseling and Coaching, weddings and more.   

New Upcoming Products! - This upcoming year 2020 Dancing Crowns will have an amazing exclusive line of bath salts and spritzers! Stay in touch to be the first one on trying them!

ROC Metaphysical Magazine - Follow the link for the latest interview I did with the one and only Marcus Katz!!! 


Visit my Blog to stay updated in those Witchy News and great informative articles from your Witchy Dancer!

I just one click you can also simply book your preferred Tarot Reading!

All readings are via phone or email and I always try to make it as positive experience as possible. Let's cry or laugh together! 

I am at some vendors events either with Handmade jewelry, crystals, Readings or all of it.

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also invite you to read the Reviews below:

Diane Elizabeth  recommends Dancing Crowns Psychic, Crystal Healing and Jewelry.

July 2 at 1:06 PM · 

I am LOVING the pendants and crystals I bought from Leticia !
Great quality and beautiful energy !
I also highly recommend getting a reading from Leticia,I did the relationship reading and she was SPOT ON ! I will definitely be doing more readings 💜

Angel Dean  recommends Dancing Crowns Psychic, Crystal Healing and Jewelry.

April 13 · 

Omgoodness got my crystals today absolutely beautiful she's the best and the shipping was supper fast

Contesa Neptune  recommends Dancing Crowns Psychic, Crystal Healing and Jewelry.

April 30 at 3:53 PM · 

I can’t express my gratitude for the time invested in being able to read and interpret with that alone Leticia has done an amazing job on what and how she delivered her art. If you are really interested in getting down to the truth with a good reading this is where it is at. I recommend her..

Ron Tantino  recommends Dancing Crowns Psychic, Crystal Healing and Jewelry.

23 hrs · 

Leticia was kind enough to give me a crystal reading and the results were astonishingly accurate and thought provoking. She has a very loving and kind spirit and is very knowledgeable in many forms of communication and I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their life.

Pam Curtis Hino  recommends Dancing Crowns Psychic, Crystal Healing and Jewelry.

February 16 · 

Leticia came to my house and brought peace and love to myself and it, even my shyest cat came out to greet her. During the entire crystal cleanse I felt her passion and care to help me. She explained each and every step always aware of my feelings and ensured my comfort level. She helped me believe and feel that I am worthy and that I am not alone. I truly appreciate her kindness, honesty, and belief. I highly recommend everyone to spend some crystal healing worth her.

Sonia E. Pérez  recommends Dancing Crowns Psychic, Crystal Healing and Jewelry.

January 27 · 

I recommend Dancing Crowns because of its true nature. Right to the point. Blessed by God.

Alecia Moore Kosark  recommends Dancing Crowns Psychic Readings.

January 21 at 7:49 PM · 

I recently received a reading from Leticia. She was 100% spot on. I can’t recommend her enough!

Michelle Boom  recommends Dancing Crowns Psychic Readings.

January 21 at 7:46 PM · 

My first time receiving a reading by her and I loved it❗️it’s crazy because I am literally getting rid of the negative people around me 😌 I’m glad I’m going down the right path👏🏿💕thank you

John Bell  recommends Dancing Crowns Psychic Readings.

September 7, 2018 · 

I found Leticia's Reading to be insightful and helpful. Thank YOU. <3


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