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BombaRoc is the first and only authentic Bomba Drums and Dance group in all areas outside of

New York City. We offer unique performances, classes, lectures, and workshops. BombaRoc Director, Leticia Ferrer-Rivera has over 20 years of experience as a Bomba Professor, Author, and Folklorist. 


For Booking BombaRoc for a Show, Workshop, Lecture, Classes please click below:

Questions & Contact Info

For any questions on what includes every service or presentation please email Leticia Ferrer-Rivera at or text/call 407-529-9881 or Instagram at

For our workshops, we include 2 Percussionists and 1 Instructor. We will need 2 chairs with no arms and at least 1 bottle of water for each of us (3). 

For our shows, we are currently 4 to 5 members and we bring all instruments and do between 45 minutes to 1 hour of show. Our presentations are all interactive with the audience and include music, dance, and Afro-Purto Rican Poetry. Is all in Spanish, but anyone from any language will understand it very easy and enjoy the show as it is prepared for all types of audiences and all ages. 

We also have at the end the audience coming up on stage to dance in front of the drums and experience the Primo marking the movements. We do follow all health guidelines during the COVID-19 Season including making sure everyone is wearing a mask and the audience is required to wear a mask when coming up on stage with us.